Offer Payment Options for all Customer Types with Spectrum AC

Same As Cash
Excellent options for your Super Prime customers!
No Dealer Cost Options
Majority of our products are no cost to dealers!
Low Interest Rates
Finance programs with great offers for all credit types
Lease-Purchase Options
Convenient monthly payment plans for customers with damaged credit!
Promotional Products
Offers for Convenience Buyers

Full Credit Spectrum And Higher Approvals

They can pay cash but prefer not to use their savings. They like paying off their purchases over time without significant interest.


  • Ease of Process
  • Low Monthly Payment
  • No Cash Outlay
  • High Approval Rates
  • $0 Contractor Cost
They want time to budget for payments, or they’re expecting a lump sum soon and plan to pay off their purchase.


  • Best Deal
  • No Hidden Issues
  • Low Introductory Rate
  • Low Payment Factor
  • Plan for Payoff 
They want the lowest monthly payment; they do not have cash to pay for a new HVAC system.


  • Low Monthly Payment
  • High Approval Rate
  • Low Payment Factor
  • No Early Payment Penalties 

They have limited savings and limited access to traditional credit. They may have been turned down by other lenders.


  • Second Look Option
  • Lease-Purchase Options
  • Affordable Payments

Financing Products

The loan products on our flexible financial solutions platform are designed by participating lenders and financing companies with the HVAC contractor in mind, allowing for fast and easy financing at the point-of-sale. Financing programs offer competitive financing terms for the homeowner and a fast and easy application, approval, and funding process for you. You and your customers will benefit from competitive rates, low monthly payment installment loans, and low interest promotional offers.

2nd Look Financing Products

If your customers have been turned down by prime banks for financing but are just below the threshold served by primary finance providers, second look financing offers homeowners a second chance at financing their HVAC and home improvement needs. This means a comfortable home for your customer and more potential sales for you as a contractor.

Lease-Purchase Options

The lease-purchase option allows us to say yes when financing options say no. It’s designed for homeowners who have damaged credit or prefer a month-to-month agreement. Our lease-purchase agreement is for 1 month with monthly renewals up to 36, 48, or 60* months to ownership. Microf owns the equipment until the customer pays the total cost of ownership. At any time, the customer can pay an Early Purchase Option Price to reduce the total cost of ownership or terminate without penalty by surrendering the equipment to us.

*The 60 months to ownership option is not available in CA, CT, IA, ME, NY, OH, PA, VT, WV (only 36 and 48 months)