How Easy Financing Options Benefits HVAC Contractors Todays

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How Easy Financing Options Benefits HVAC Contractors Today

When it comes to financing, it should be an easy, seamless process – for both you and your customers. While it can be a struggle to find a program that works for all of your customers – and you – SpectrumAC is here to tell you that the perfect program does exist. There are many benefits to offering easy financing options as an HVAC contractor. Let’s dive in!

  1. Stand Out Amongst Competition

One of the biggest concerns customers have when applying for financing is their credit score. If they have a poor credit score, more often than not, they won’t qualify. However, if you offer financing and lease purchase programs, you will stand out amongst your competition by offering options that provide approval options for more consumers regardless of their credit score. If your financing program allows a customer to qualify even if they have poor or damaged credit score, then you could also see an increase in customers – and customer satisfaction.

  1. Increase Your Revenue and Close More Sales

HVAC units are expensive, and around 70% of Americans don’t have the money in their pocket to pay for it outright. That’s where a financing or lease purchase program comes in handy; one that allows every customer to participate, even if they have poor credit and low budget. Not only will you start to see more sales come through, but you will also start to see higher tickets on those sales. With a program like the one SpectrumAC offers, your customers can now afford to buy that expensive, energy-efficient HVAC unit they really wanted.

  1. No Dealer Costs

For HVAC contractors, cost is one of the main concerns with offering an easy financing program to customers. Now you can make more money at no cost to you if you choose a financing or lease purchase program like the one SpectrumAC offers. We are able to do this by using an easy-to-use all in one simple app so you can offer these options at the point of sale. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

  1. Guaranteed Payment To You and Your Customers

If you’re going to offer a program like this to your customers, then of course you want to make sure it’s worth it for you. Not only are you able to offer homeowners a monthly payment that works for their budget, but you can also make sure that you are getting paid for the job. It’s a win-win.This makes easy financing programs beneficial for both you and your customers. Both of you will benefit from the competitive rates, low monthly payment installation loans, and low interest promotional offers when you choose SpectrumAC’s program.

Are You Ready To Get Started With SpectrumAC? Offer Easy and Affordable Financing and Lease Purchase Solutions To Your Customers Today!

At SpectrumAC by Microf, we are here for all your financing and lease purchasing needs. There are many reasons why you should offer financing options as an HVAC contractor. Enroll now and take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

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