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The Power of Soft Pull

There are two ways lenders assess your credit. First is the traditional way, through a hard credit pull. This type of assessment goes right to the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or Transunion) where they request a complete credit file to review your customer’s credit history. This hard credit pull will be listed on their file and can negatively impact their credit score. The second method, a soft credit pull is just an inquiry to their credit worthiness — and the good news is, it does not impact their credit score or show up on future reports.

To learn more about Soft Pull, read our white paper on the subject!

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Contractor Success Managers provide a seamless on-boarding process through:

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Dedicated Contractor Success Managers for ongoing support

Origination Specialist to walk you and your consumers through the application process every time

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SpectrumAC will conduct a review of your information and obtain the required information. 

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